A Year in Pictures: 2016

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The Tancheon River near my apartment in Korea
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Tancheon River view and walking paths (these types of apartments are extremely common in Korea – you see them everywhere)
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The winged unicorns at the Jamsil mall where I did all my shopping. I have no idea what they were for but…they added so much joy.
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A cliff-face in Jeju from my first ever vacation with friends. Absolutely fantastic week.
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The beautiful black beaches of Jeju. These are the only beaches I like.
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Donkatsu the size of my face – Jeju
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Spring in Jeju means avenues of pink
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Botanical garden – Jeju
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Cave rock formation – Jeju
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Amazing natural beauty – Jeju is like Hawaii in that it’s a volcanic island, so many of the unique formations of rock you see there are because of the volcanic activity.
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Halloween at Everland
Autumn at the Paldang Dam. We went biking along it and it was beautiful.
More Jeju beaches cuz damn
Even more…
Field trip to a farm
Selfie game starting out…strong?
Decorating things and beginning a papercraft obsession
Making chia seed pudding at Summer Camp
Summer Camp Field Trip!
Rooftop recess – we were only there for a semester but dang that place was hot.
Halloween view at Everland


The eats at Everland – German sausage and beer plate.
And the Halloween parade…


That moment when you decide to buy a tiny Christmas tree because the spirit is strong but the physical space is lacking…
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Walking home past the bakery. It’s these kinds of views I miss most – the ones I saw almost every day, the ones that meant home for more than two years.
2016 was the year I started D&D, and so shall always live in infamy.
Boxing3 (2)
I also started boxing, so that was a thing.
Adorable cafe street near the Tancheon River.
I started bullet journaling this year too…this planner didn’t last long.
View on the walk to work. These tiny houses were full of flowers and cute as a button.



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