Remembering Korea: Paldang Dam in Fall

Fall Berries

The beautiful park near the dam; definitely the best picture, which is probably why I put it first.

I’ve been remembering Korea a lot lately, and I found this old post from an old blog and thought I’d share. You know, for old time’s sake. So please enjoy this post I wrote just after traveling to Paldang Dam.

When I have fun, I really have fun. Fall here is incredible. Coming from Texas, whose version of fall tends to be, “Hey, it’s November! Time to bring the temps all the way down to 80 and kill the trees! Whoooo!” having any kind of transition to winter is a treat. I never knew what fall was. Here, I call it Autumn, because holy pancakes, Batman, the colors and weather are sublime.

I feel like Anne of Green Gables, with the shining waters, warm reds of Octobers, and now the promise of a chilly, mystical November. Perfect for my writing and tea-drinking desires.

In honor of the season, my friend and I went biking by the Paldang Dam, about an hour outside of Seoul. You can rent bikes there cheap; 10,000won ($10) for the day. We got the cute ones with baskets and trundled off. Now, my friend is a marathoner, so she probably considered our five-hour outing a light jaunt. My sedentary thighs were not so happy, but I muscled (ha) through and had a grand old time. The leaves were just beginning to turn, and the mountains were a beautiful ombre of every tree color imaginable.

What are these strange floofs and are they related to pygmy puffs?

It’s a big touristy spot, so there was a really nice restaurant about halfway down with bibimbap and really incredible pajeon. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the name of the place was. I was too hungry to care, so I had some tunnel-vision going. Food.

I’d never seen lotus in its natural environment. Those strange roots they serve at school come from these? Incredible.

We also had a bit of an off-road adventure to get to a nearby park. The bike path doesn’t go to it, as far as we know, so we lugged our bikes up and down forest trails, slipping and sliding and being laughed at by the men behind us. Hey, you guys arrived twenty minutes after we did. Take that.

It was so worth it though. The park was quiet, lush, and right on a kind of peninsula into the dam area. It looked more like a lake, really, and with the mountains and lotus leaves, you could believe you were in the middle of nowhere. Never mind the ahjumma’s next to you dancing to their trot music.

The dam itself. Dam.

We stopped for coffee and to rest a little at the park; I got mine iced, which flummoxed the vendor, but it was warm in the sun. And I really, really wanted a picture of the man selling chestnuts. He had the most incredible beard I’ve seen here. But in beard-language, it could have meant “nice old grandfather” or “seriously creepy.” I didn’t want to take the chance.

Cabbages getting ready for kimchi.

It was a nice way to spend Halloween, at any rate, since Korea doesn’t do much for the holiday. And as it’s beginning to be really cold here, it was the perfect opportunity.

Looking back, that was one of the best excursions I took in Korea, which makes me a little sad, not that it wasn’t amazing, but that I didn’t do more of it while I was there. I should have seen everything. I should have made it the perfect two and a half years. I should have…

No, I shouldn’t. It was perfect, every moment.

A Year in Pictures: 2016

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The Tancheon River near my apartment in Korea

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Tancheon River view and walking paths (these types of apartments are extremely common in Korea – you see them everywhere)

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The winged unicorns at the Jamsil mall where I did all my shopping. I have no idea what they were for but…they added so much joy.

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A cliff-face in Jeju from my first ever vacation with friends. Absolutely fantastic week.

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The beautiful black beaches of Jeju. These are the only beaches I like.

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Donkatsu the size of my face – Jeju

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Spring in Jeju means avenues of pink

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Botanical garden – Jeju

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Cave rock formation – Jeju

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Amazing natural beauty – Jeju is like Hawaii in that it’s a volcanic island, so many of the unique formations of rock you see there are because of the volcanic activity.

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Halloween at Everland

Autumn at the Paldang Dam. We went biking along it and it was beautiful.

More Jeju beaches cuz damn

Even more…

Field trip to a farm

Selfie game starting out…strong?

Decorating things and beginning a papercraft obsession

Making chia seed pudding at Summer Camp

Summer Camp Field Trip!

Rooftop recess – we were only there for a semester but dang that place was hot.

Halloween view at Everland


The eats at Everland – German sausage and beer plate.

And the Halloween parade…


That moment when you decide to buy a tiny Christmas tree because the spirit is strong but the physical space is lacking…

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Walking home past the bakery. It’s these kinds of views I miss most – the ones I saw almost every day, the ones that meant home for more than two years.

2016 was the year I started D&D, and so shall always live in infamy.

Boxing3 (2)
I also started boxing, so that was a thing.

Adorable cafe street near the Tancheon River.

I started bullet journaling this year too…this planner didn’t last long.

View on the walk to work. These tiny houses were full of flowers and cute as a button.