Audra Mae Edmonson

INFJ, Writer, Feminist, Nerd, EmpathKeen Labeler

Audra Mae lives in Texas, but she was born in Seattle, so she complains a lot about weather. That’s not important. What is important is that she was raised on books, which showed her worlds of possibility and characters to revere and emulate. Particularly strong girls like Hermione Granger, Aerin of The Hero and the Crown, and later in life, the women of Sabriel and Lirael and, most beloved, Tiffany Aching of The Wee Free Men.

She believes that strong role models in books help us know who we are and who we can be, in the best of senses, and open our eyes and hearts to other people. Books are friendship-makers and world-shakers, and… oh that was a nice rhyme. Anyway, books are good.

These days, Audra Mae works in a bookstore making things look pretty, which is like the best job ever, and continually adds to her compost pile file of story ideas. Currently she still lives in Texas and is working hard on a new story for Wattpad, coming out soon.

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