INFJ, HSP, Writer, Feminist, Nerd, Empath. Multipod.

I have a lot of labels. Being a multipotentialite, that’s to be expected. I get interested in something new roughly every three seconds, so trying to create one cohesive theme for a blog is challenging. (I’ve had more blogs with more names pertaining to all those different interests than I care to go back and count…)

If I had to pick an umbrella theme, I’d say it was holistic. I believe that people should live their whole lives as if each facet is connected. The fact that I love languages and tea, writing and D&D, history and fantasy, feminism and spirituality- those are all a part of me, and as far as I’m concerned, don’t get in each other’s way.

I play D&D, panic about putting cash away fast enough at the checkout, and am a hardcore crafter. I dream in shades of lavender and think lighting two candles is way luxurious. I desire understanding and crave harmony. I write dark and conflicted and humorous and ridiculous. I am two souls, or a hundred souls, seeking a way out in words. I think the moonlight is kinder than the sunlight, but that might be my northern heritage resisting the Texas heat.

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