PUBLISHED! | an author’s triumph

Sometimes, you just gotta hit the button, my dudes. I HIT THE BUTTON! I’ve been stewing on Tabitha Price since wayyyy before I first mentioned it here or anywhere publicly; probably a year at least. It’s morphed and changed as stories do, but the bones are the same, and man does it feel good to have that button PUSHED.

Of course, it’s only Part 1 of Episode 1 of this new serial, but it’s something. It’s something. And the difference between having that something be sitting in my head and in my drafts and be actually available for people in the general wide world to read is… well, it’s massive.

It’s not a perfect draft. I could tweak a lot of things. But it’s good, and that’s what I care about. And it’s out there, which is the vastly more important thing.

I’m celebrating, friends!

Here’s to keeping up the rhythm! *alarm bells sounds in the distance* We’ll just ignore those for now…

You can check out the first part of the story here! Let me know what you think!

*Note: The fact that I also published whilst in the midst of crippling depression and a lot of personal issues makes this victory even bigger. I hope to share that story with you all soon, but for now, I’m kicking back with some Enola Holmes and just chilling.

Wattpad Story: I’m Writing Again!

I’m writing again! I’ve been not working for almost two months, and while the first month was spent mainly acclimating, and then getting addicted to Animal Crossing, this month has been all about writing.

Dudes, it’s been amazing. Somehow my creativity and energy for writing are abounding. Maybe because I’m not working, maybe because I’m actively doing so much to help my mental health and that’s making me just more creative in general… who know? Who cares? I’m riding this high while it lasts, baby.

A while back I had the idea for a Wattpad serial story featuring an intrepid bookseller and involving magic and romance and general adventures. I wrote a few notes but left it at that, in my compost file where all my ideas go.

Long story short, I fleshed it out, had a massive back and forth brainstorm sesh with my brother, and got the first arc all outlined. Like, a whole ARC. With character sketches and everything in a nice new notebook. (Ah, my notebook obsession, you strike again.)

If you follow me on social media, particularly Facebook, you’ll know I’ve been working on cover art probably more than is healthy, but good news on that front; I hired an actual artist so I wouldn’t waste anymore of my time trying to be talented. Instead I got back to writing. Smort, Audra Mae.

With the all-important cover out of the way, I have now focused my attention once again on rapid drafting, editing, revising and re-revising of the first two parts of the story. Altogether around 5000 words. Not bad. Not bad at all. Now the momentum is picking up I’ll be able to have a much faster turnover.

As of right now, the book blurb goes something like this:

Out with the old, in with the new…world, that is. Tabitha Price, an average bookseller in an average town, doesn’t expect life to get much more interesting than the books she reads. But when a friend accidentally sends her to another world, Tabitha will learn that sometimes, living in a fantasy isn’t all that fantastic.

In this new world, wars rage across the country, monsters roam free, and knights are sent to scavenge from the dead. It’s dreary, confusing, and Tabitha is sure she’s going to die at any second. Her only chance is to find a group of adventurers to protect her. That can’t be too hard, right?

Not bad, eh? It needs polishing, and I’m thinking I’ll host a poll to have you guys help determine what blurb sounds best, but for a first time blurb-writer, I’m pretty proud of myself.

And that’s another great thing. I’m having fun writing and not having any self-defeating thoughts! Like, the story isn’t perfect, even after edits, but it’s good. Good enough. No longer is my perfectionism the enemy of my goodness.

I don’t have a timeline for publishing yet. My artist is working amazingly fast, but I want to have at least five parts prepped and ready to go before I start.

But I am so, so excited to share Tabitha with you guys.