The Beginning of My Blog

The advice articles on Pinterest all about newbie bloggers and novice bloggers and noob bloggers tell me to wait until I have one post in every category I plan on having. They tell me to make sure my pictures are colorful and tight and snappy. I hope that doesn’t refer to Snapchat. I’m too old for that…stuff. Other articles tell me that content is king and as long as I write from the heart I’m good. Good for what, they don’t say. Just good generally. Well then, I’m good, because this is straight from the heart.

I love blogging. Even when I’m not blogging I like thinking about it and reading those blogger articles and dreaming about having a cool blog. I always imagine girls with killer messy buns and galaxy leggings drinking fancy coffee with a cat in front of their laptops. I like that. I like that feeling that blogging has generated. So why not join? Now if I could just perfect this messy bun thing…crap.


About My Blog

  • Stories (a lot, mostly made up)
  • True stories (not made up, about my life in Korea)
  • Art (occasionally, very occasionally)
  • Comics (also very occasionally, but don’t quite fall under art or stories)
  • Other (a handy category for random crap like this that don’t fit anywhere else)
  • D&D (probably a lot about this, I’m a big fan)

Happy reading!