Story Illustration

Okay two things;

One – writing is hard… I mayyyy have started promoting my new work (The Not So Fantastic World of Tabitha Price) a wee bit early. Considering I’m still doing edits for the first two thousand (!!) words. *sigh* I’m hoping I can post a sneak peek soon; I’ve gotten some good momentum the past couple weeks so I have some stuff I consider workable. I consider. *laughs in writer*

Two – maybe I’m doing art to distract myself from writing? Who knows? It was always my plan to work on art to go alongside my writing, and I must say, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with myself as I get back to my arty ways. It helps to follow tutorials, but that’s another post.

The POINT of this post is to share a look at Tabitha Price! My protagonist for the aforementioned story. She’s only outlined right now, but you can see her in her usual state; hunched over with a book in her lap.


3 thoughts on “Story Illustration”

  1. I’m so tickled that you are doing digital art, something the BF has been doing for ages. He’s been getting into tutorials and all the online classes to bone up his skills. I think that world has finally exploded because in the past digital art felt like something other people did.

    Yeah, the book. I get it. I’m only now having another go at it – this is after re-thinking what my major theme is (it’s not being Asian American, that never felt right), but I’m in the relearning phase and I’m loving it.

    We’ll wait for Tabitha. No worries!

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    1. Dude I cannot wait for your book! If you want me to have another round of feedback I’d be tickled. I had so much fun the first time round. And yeah, since I decided to start writing seriously like 5(?) years ago, I’ve learned so much. And relearned it, and discarded ideas, and picked up new ideas. About what I want to write and why I want to write and who I want to write for. Love all of the process.

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      1. Awww, thanks! That means a lot. At this point I don’t know how much or how little I’m going to change it. I’m enjoying Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass at the moment and letting her words kick start my imagination.

        Cheers to the process! Please let me know if I can help you as well. I felt like it went without saying but then I thought, maybe I should – Hahahahhaa. xoxo


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