What I Really Mean

Facebook status: Went to a museum today! Takashi Murakmi is so inspiring. His work is weird and wild and incredible.

What I really mean: Went to a museum today to take pictures to post on Instagram to make it seem like I’m doing stuff, instead of just working and watching Netflix and binging on jalapeno chips. Also my feet hurt the whole time and I bought an overpriced pin so people would know I’d been and am so, so cultured.

Instagram picture of RPG stuff: Another session down! Went great, almost lost a PC but they saved with a clutch move! Night to remember!

What I really mean: I freaking love D&D and want everyone to know it so the nerds will think I’m cool and the not nerds will think I’m quirky and maybe some hot but sensitive guy will see and ask me out like my friend’s husband did with her…

Instagram selfie of me looking rad: Autumn is coming. A time of renewal.

What I really mean: I took this awesome selfie that I actually like and now I need to caption it so people will like it instead of just saying I think I look awesome because I don’t have that baller confidence yet.

Instagram picture of all the presents I got for my birthday: Look at all these presents! I have the best friends!

What I really mean: I have the BEST friends.

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