Hello, I’m (becoming) a developer: Self-Discovery Series

I’ve started taking coding classes.

But I’m afraid. Is this just the next in a long line of potential career paths that will fizzle and die along with my invested time and money? Or will I keep the momentum I have for it now? Is it worth investing if I don’t know I’ll keep it up?

Honestly, I’m tired of these questions, because they’re the wrong ones.

In the first place, I’m a multipotentialite, so going after a million different interests is what comes naturally to me. I’d be doing myself a disservice to curtail my passion because of a lack of future certainty. (Which, hello, no one has.)

And in the second place, coding is an incredibly useful skill, so even if I only learn a little, I’m far better off than I was. It’s not like the time I got all into herbal medicine and spent money on a beginner’s class and got a certificate of completion which let me do…nothing. I mean, I had fun, but it wouldn’t be near as useful as basic programming skills in the job market.

But job relevance in only part of my interest. Today I put this picture up on my wall.

Image result for ada lovelace

This is Ada Lovelace, considered to be the world’s first computer programmer. She’s a WOMAN. And has amazing fashion. I was hecka inspired when I found out about her.

Yes, I’m hoping to get a really good job with these skills. I’d like to be a front-end developer because it seems to be as creative as it is technical. Or a full stack developer, which just makes me think of pancakes.

Either way, whether in the future I am a programmer or whether this fizzles out in a few months, I’m adding programming to my list of hobbies and interests.

In the language of Ruby:

puts ‘Hello World!’


2 thoughts on “Hello, I’m (becoming) a developer: Self-Discovery Series”

  1. That’s awesome! Go for it! I read that INFJs have a hard time narrowing on one thing they want because we show interest in everything, haha. It’s great that you’ve narrowed it down to one thing to try out so far and if it doesn’t work out, as you said, coding is still a useful skill to have. And that’s awesome about the first computer programmer being a woman!

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    1. Isn’t it? I love everything about her! Great role model. And yeah, I’m just going to close my eyes to the fear and the nagging voices telling me I’m wasting my time and get busssaayyyy!


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