Flash Fiction Course: Overview

Well, friends and readers and sundry (who are you, sundry? WHO?), I am embarking on a new mission in my journey to becoming a Published Author.

A while ago I ran across Holly Lisle’s writing courses. I have no idea where I came across it (deeply trawling the internets will send you to some crazy, but this time, amazing places). However I ended up there, it was a blessing. Holly has some amazing courses, and I fully intend to invest in some of the heftier ones later on. To start with though, I signed up for the How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck class. Yes, the name is amazing.

I signed up for two reasons; 1) it was free, and 2), I’ve never written a short story, let alone a flash piece.

To clarify, flash fiction is a story generally under 2,000 words. In Holly’s class, we’re aiming for stories of around 500. That’s SO LITTLE. I mean, it’s hard, really hard, to write short fiction. Everything must be tighter. You can’t meander around the plot or the purpose. Characters are short and punchy and TO THE POINT. That might be one reason why I’ve never tried to write short fiction. I didn’t have the courage.

This class, being free, inspired me to try. In three weeks, write 10-11 short pieces for publication. I liked the sound of it.

So I signed up.

Friends, and readers, and sundry, and my knobbly yellow muse…I am writing short fiction.

Soon you will read it here. Soon you will see my first full story on the internet.

I’ll post each story after it’s been written and edited. The writing part, while hard, is lemon cake next to the editing. Either way, expect the first piece within a week, and yell at me in loud capitals if I fail to follow up after that.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Course: Overview”

  1. After I finish editing my second memoir, I’m totally ready to take on fiction (says she, hahahahha). And I’m definitely going to start with a short story. But flash fiction? Hmmmm. Even shorter. Yummy. Have fun, my friend.

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